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Pain free tattoo's are as easy as can be. TKTX numbing cream is fast acting and easy to use.

 It’s easy to use TKTX tattoo numbing cream. Depending on the procedure to be done, ie a large tattoo or lip fillers all depends on the length of time you leave the numbing cream on before the procedure. Ok, let’s say your getting a large tattoo requiring a 4 hour sit down session. In this case you apply a thick layer of TKTX tattoo numbing cream to the required area then cover it in cling film and up to an hour before the procedure, the will ensure the ultimate ‘deep numbing’ for up to 5 hours! For lip fillers, apply the cream again to the required area 60 minutes before the procedure, this will ensure a pain free lip filler session!

TKTX Numbing 39% cream each.

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