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Product function: six preset values, the gear position can be increased by L six S six. The output is stable and can be controlled by a foot pedal (no pedaling required). Timekeeping function Does not heat up for a long time.

Accessories:Magnet, air suction cup, bracket accessories, magnetic suction cup, mounting accessories, power adapter

Size: 15.3*8.5*1.5cm

Weight: 624g



Connect the power: Use the standard adapter to connect the power "DC/19" jack

Connecting the foot pedal: If you are used to controlling the power with your foot pedal, insert the footswitch to the “PEDAL” jack.

Connect the machine: Insert the tattoo machine connection hook into the “MACHINE” jack.

Switch the box to start the pause function: After turning on the power, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on, press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn it off, or turn on the footswitch for 5 seconds. In the power-on state, tap the power button to pause the power.

Voltage adjustment: In the power-on state, touch the up and down keys to adjust the voltage output range.

L/S and foot mode switching: In the power-on state, tap the L/S button to switch the L/S mode. When switching to the L mode, the display L lights up. When switching to the S model, the display S lights up.


Thunder Lord Power TP-5 ultrathin

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