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We recommend speaking with our Laser technician before purhasing here :)

Regarding Laser Tattoo Removal this is a rough pricing guide only.


Think of the area you want to get Laser Removal on, and now imagine a standard A4 piece of paper.

A $280 Laser Voucher will get you x1 session on an A4 area.

A $280 Laser Voucher will get you x2 sessions on an A5 area.

A $280 Laser Voucher will get you x4 sessions on an A6 area.


We recommend at the minimum 28 days between sessions to sensure healing and rejuvenation of treated area's. 

A Tattoo can be faded enough for a coverup after 4-5 sessions.

And will continue to fade over time.


Every Tattoo is different, healing results will vary. This guide is for people of lighter skin tones requiring the treatment of black based pigments only using ND YAG Q switched Laser.

Laser Tattoo Removal Voucher

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