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Would you like to add Maori and Pacific art styles to your portfolio and gain some background and understanding, including the application of  these shapes and forms?

Do you want to Tattoo Poly/ Moko fusion and Kirituhi?

We understand there are many self taught tattoo artists and/ or apprentices out there that wish to expand their knowledge and develop their portfolio. If your reading this, then this course is for you.


Learn an introduction to Maori and Pacific style with Brad Kamo.

check him out on the web

Brads portfolio speaks for itself, would you like to learn how to achieve these same results? 


1 week course learning the basics of Tatau and Kowhaiwhai.

These skills will give you the neccessary tools to advance your apprenticeship in the Tattoo Industry and offer insight in how to engage with Maori and Pacific artforms in a respectful manner.


Learn with Brad Kamo, in a comfortable modern studio with Moko practitioners, drawing on 13+ years of practical Tattoo/ Moko experience..


All tools will be provided, all you require is an open mind and a willingnes to learn.

Pathways to employment could be offered to promising individuals through our network of Industry leaders.


Upon completion of this course you will be issued a Certificate of Competency from Natives Tattoo Company NZ Ltd in your name,  signed and endorsed by Brad Kamo.

There is a reason why some of the best tattooers in our region started their careers at Natives Tattoo. We look foward to sharing this knowledge with you soon.


*Dates to be confirmed, please enquire via the contact portal on our home page.


*Please note:

To Pursue a career in Taa Moko, and be recognised among your peers for a positive contribution to the arts. You must be of Whakapapa Maori. It is recommended you pursue a Moko apprenticeship or attend an accredited institution to provide you with the practical knowledge required to practice Taa moko.

Kai Taa requires not only a connection to the art form, but a connection to Reo Maori, Wairua and Te Ao.

This course is simply an introduction to the art forms of Tatau and Kowhaiwhai. 


*Content delivered face to face onsite. Palmerston North Manawatu. No online learning option available yet.

Polynesian style and Kowhaiwhai Introduction (Intermediate Level 211)

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