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Specialized sterilized disposable tattoo needles with grips and tubes (19mm). 

Individual packed and pre-steriled with E.O.gas. 

Needles are made of 316 Medical Stainless Steel


Size Available:

3RL-5RL-3RS-5RS-5M1 7RL-9RL-7RS-9RS-7M1-9M1-7RM- 9RM 11RL-13RL-15RL-11RS-13RS-15RS 11M1-13M1-15M1-11RM-13RM-15RM


Please do leave a message with the sizes you need for the 30 pieces of grip needles.

**Note: sometimes we might be out of stock for certain sizes, if that happens we will give you the closest size available.**

19mm Tube with needles (1 box 30 pieces)

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